BOOK: Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie

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SPARK A REVOLUTION IN YOUR INNER AND OUTER WORLD - “Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie” is a candid and compassionate exposé that invites you to radically transform your understanding of spirituality and yoga. Parvati evokes the expansive clarity of Eckhart Tolle and the practical encouragement of Debbie Ford to create a safe and inspiring space for committed spiritual seekers and beginners alike. Shedding light on the illusions that you carry and showing you the beauty that lies beyond them, “Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie” is your roadmap for a total life makeover. This Book Will Help You: l Let go of what holds you back from living your joy l Contact your soul voice and fulfil your potential l Develop healthy relationships with yourself, others and the divine l Awaken to a powerful new vision of yourself and the world. - This book is currently out of print. We are taking pre-orders for the third edition to appear in late 2015.

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-BOOK: Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie